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Medication Administration

Medications are administered to a student in school by trained school staff in the school health office. Parent/guardian must provide the medication to the school in a labeled bottle.

The following consents and documentation must be provided to the school office, along with the medication:

1. Written consent from the parent/guardian (See links to the forms below)

2. Prescriber's written consent is required for non-prescription (over the counter) medications for elementary students (See links to the forms below) 

3. Prescriber’s written order or current label on the bottle for prescription medications. (Please ask the pharmacist for a second labeled medication container to use at school, then divide out the medicine for home and school use.)

Other information:

  • All medications should be taken at home before or after school hours whenever possible. However, it is understood that certain medications may be required during the school day.  
  • Over the counter/non- prescription medications are to be provided by the parent/guardian and sent to school in the original medication container with the student’s name attached.  The medication will be given according to package instructions unless otherwise directed in writing by the student’s health care provider/prescriber.
  • The parent/guardian is responsible for submitting a new prescriber’s order form to the school each time there is a change of dosage or time of administration. Prescriber’s orders may be faxed to the school.
  • To ensure the safety of all children, we request that a parent or another responsible adult deliver all medications to the office and/or health office. The medication will be kept in a locked storage box. 
  • The first dosage of any new prescription should be given at home so the child can be more closely observed for possible side affects and/or adverse reactions.
  • The parent/guardian is responsible for notifying the school when a medication has been discontinued or changed.
  • The Iowa City Community School District does not assume responsibility for medication not prescribed by a physician/ prescriber or medication administered by the student himself/herself.
  • No medication will be continued beyond the school year in which it is ordered.  Please indicate on the Parent Consent Form what you would like done with the medication at the end of the school year. 

Please contact your child's school nurse with any questions or concerns.