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McKinney-Vento Rights

If you believe you or your family may qualify for homeless services, please get in touch with the Student and Family Advocate at your current school, the school you originally attended, or the nearest school to your current address. You can also reach out by calling (319) 688-1015. We're here to help!


Students may qualify for services under the McKinney-Vento act if they do not have a fixed, regular or adequate nighttime residence. Please talk to your school’s Student & Family Advocate if you are living:

  • With friends/relatives due to loss of housing, economic hardship or similar reason
  • In shelters or transitional housing
  • In cars, buildings without heat or water
  • In campgrounds, hotels, motels


Parents, guardians and unaccompanied youth living in temporary housing have a right to appeal a school’s decision.  The school must immediately enroll the student, provide a written explanation of its decision, and refer him to the district’s homeless liaison for help with the appeal process. The student has a right to go to school and to get transportation until a final decision is made.

McKinney-Vento Decision Appeal Form


Students have the right to attend:

  • The last school they went to (known as the School of Origin) when becoming homeless
  • The school located in the attendance area where they are currently living (known as the Home School)

Students in temporary housing have the right to:

  • Immediately enroll in school and participate fully in classes
  • Receive free transportation to the School of Origin if eligible and it is feasible
  • Receive free school meals without filling out an application
  • Receive Special Education services immediately if the student has a current IEP (even if the IEP is from another district)
  • Stay in the School of Origin until the end of the school year in which they become permanently housed
  • Receive Title I Services even if not attending a Title I school
  • Enroll in school when not living with a parent or guardian

McKinney Vento (Homeless) Dispute Resolution Process